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Manifesto L'Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent

Manifesto L'Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Manifesto L'Elixir

What Does Manifesto L'Elixir Smell Like

Manifesto L'Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent is a fragrance designed for women, and it skillfully balances sweet, oriental, floral, gourmand, and powdery accords. At first sniff, the perfume reveals a vibrant and citrusy opening, thanks to the presence of bergamot and mandarin orange top notes. These fruity elements are mild, as the fragrance soon transitions to a beautifully blended heart of floral aromas.

In the middle notes, jasmine sambac takes center stage, providing a rich, intoxicating, and slightly sweet floral scent. Supporting the jasmine, heliotrope and tuberose add depth, bringing in creamy, powdery, and subtly floral nuances. The interplay between these three floral notes creates a well-rounded and harmonious bouquet.

The base of the perfume introduces a warm and cozy layer with its focus on vanilla. This gourmand aspect is sweet and comforting, making the fragrance feel inviting and familiar. Adding further complexity, ambroxan contributes a sensual, musky undertone, while cashmere wood infuses a soft, woody element to the mix. The combination of these base notes creates a soothing foundation for the perfume, allowing the floral and citrus aspects to truly shine while still being grounded by a touch of sweetness and warmth.

Review of Manifesto L'Elixir

Manifesto L'Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent, released in 2013, is a perfume that caters primarily to women with a blend of sweet, oriental, and floral notes. This fragrance is designed to appeal to a variety of age groups, with a focus on mature women and young adults. The scent is well-suited for colder seasons, like winter and fall, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a warm and inviting aroma during those times of the year.

The perfume's scent leans heavily on its sweet and gourmand elements, making it an ideal option for those who appreciate such fragrances. It also features a powdery aspect that adds a sense of comfort and softness to the overall aroma. The fruity and woody elements provide a subtle yet noticeable backdrop to the scent, giving it depth and balance.

Manifesto L'Elixir is a great choice for evening events and nights out, as its scent is both alluring and comforting. It also works well for leisurely activities and daily wear, making it a versatile addition to one's perfume collection. The fragrance boasts impressive longevity and moderate sillage, ensuring that it lasts throughout the day or night without being overpowering.

In conclusion, Manifesto L'Elixir by Yves Saint Laurent is a valuable addition to a woman's fragrance wardrobe, particularly for those who enjoy sweet, oriental, and floral scents. Its suitability for colder seasons and various occasions make it a versatile, reliable, and comforting choice for many.

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