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02 Sweet Vanilla by Zara

02 Sweet Vanilla by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 02 Sweet Vanilla

What Does 02 Sweet Vanilla Smell Like

The scent of 02 Sweet Vanilla by Zara is a blend that primarily captures sweet and gourmand elements. Upon first exposure, you are greeted by the dominant essence of sweet notes, almost as if you've walked into a confectionery shop. It then eases into a more decadent, food-inspired aroma, suggestive of an artisanal bakery, bringing the gourmand aspect to the forefront. As these layers unfold, a slight powdery undertone surfaces adding a soft, comforting feel to the overall scent. This is seamlessly interlaced with a hint of woody notes, giving it a somewhat earthy character. The scent winds down with an unexpectedly rich touch of synthetic and leathery notes. Though the almonds, caramel, cedar, marron glacé, musk, and vanilla are not explicitly detectable, we believe they subtly contribute to the overall complexity and depth of the fragrance.

Review of 02 Sweet Vanilla

Zara's 02 Sweet Vanilla, released in 2017, is a feminine perfume that leans heavily towards sweet, gourmand, and woody notes. Its dominant sweet and gourmand elements are likely to weave a warm and indulgent aura around you, while the powdery and woody undertones lend a sense of depth and sophistication to your scent profile.

You may find the longevity of the scent to be moderate, so a reapplication throughout the day might be necessary, especially if you're wearing it for a long evening out or a leisurely day event. In terms of sillage, it seems to maintain a close-to-skin projection, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer a more intimate fragrance.

While predominantly recommended for fall, we believe this perfume can transition well into the winter months, thanks to its comforting sweet elements. However, its wearability during the warmer months might be limited, given its rich, powdery, and woody facets.

Finally, while its synthetic and leathery notes are less prominent, they do add a certain edge to the perfume, making it a bit more complex than your average sweet, gourmand scent. Do keep in mind, the value of this perfume is subjective and will depend on your personal taste and how well it fits into your fragrance wardrobe.

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