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03 Caipirissima by Zara

03 Caipirissima by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 03 Caipirissima

What Does 03 Caipirissima Smell Like

The scent of 03 Caipirissima by Zara opens with a distinct citrus aroma. This initial citrus presence is intertwined with a sweet underpinning that is not too overpowering, keeping the fragrance light and refreshing. As your experience develops, the fruity characteristics take center stage, creating a playful and lively aura around you. It's as if you are surrounded by a basket of fresh, ripe fruits. The woody elements are not as prominent, but their subtle presence adds depth and complexity to the perfume. As the scent dries down, fresh notes bring a sense of rejuvenation and lightness. The gentle floral touch lingers in the background, providing a sophisticated yet soft twist to the entire ensemble. The addition of animalic notes brings a subtle edge to the scent. All in all, the smell of Zara's 03 Caipirissima is a blend of playful accords.

Review of 03 Caipirissima

Zara's 03 Caipirissima, released in 2017, is a women's perfume predominantly featuring citrus, sweet, fruity notes, with a subtle blend of woody, fresh, floral, and animalistic undertones. It's a scent designed for those who enjoy a vibrant fragrance experience.

The high percentage of citrus, fruity, and sweet notes lend the perfume a summery and spring-like feel, making it an ideal choice during warmer seasons. However, the perfume's relatively low longevity and sillage suggest that it may not linger for long or project widely, potentially requiring frequent reapplication throughout the day. Thus, it could be an optimal choice for users who prefer a more intimate, personal scent rather than a commanding presence.

The prominent citrus and fruity notes also signify its suitability for both daily and leisure activities, sports, night outs, business meetings, or evening events. Yet, the woody, fresh, floral, and animal notes add a level of complexity that may not suit everyone's taste.

Considering its varied scent profile, 03 Caipirissima is a perfume that you might want to try before committing fully, to ensure it matches your personal preferences and lifestyle.

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