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27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E by Zara

27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E

What Does 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E Smell Like

The scent of 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E by Zara is a complex tapestry of primarily spicy, fresh, synthetic and animal notes, all in equal measure. Upon first spritz, your senses are awakened by the distinctiveness of the synthetic notes. This aroma then gives way to a spicy burst, adding a layer of excitement to the fragrance. As the scent begins to mature on your skin, you will notice the freshness seeping through, a contrast to the heady spiciness but equally as prominent. The final act of this olfactory journey reveals an animal scent, contributing a certain raw, primitive appeal. However, despite the listed notes of bergamot, frankincense, and musk, we found no discernible prominence of these particular notes. The absence of these notes in our test results in a less layered scent that some might find lacking in depth. It's a straightforward, uncomplicated scent, unapologetically bold in its synthetic-spicy-fresh-animal blend.

Review of 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E

Zara's 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E is a well-rounded scent that doesn't adhere to traditional seasonality. You might appreciate the perfume's adaptability, as it can be worn year-round. The scent profile is evenly split between spicy, synthetic, fresh, and animal, making it a suitable choice for those who aren't keen on overly sweet or floral fragrances.

This perfume is created with men in mind, so it leans more towards a masculine scent with hints of musk and frankincense. Regardless of age, the wearer would find it appropriate as it has a universal appeal. The perfume can be worn for a variety of occasions, whether for daily wear, leisure, a night out, business, or an evening event.

Concerning its performance, it holds up reasonably well over time, and its sillage is adequate without being overpowering. However, it won't leave an overpowering trail, so if you prefer a strong statement scent, this might not be your first choice. While this perfume is a good all-rounder, it doesn't particularly excel in any one area. But overall, it's a solid choice for those seeking a versatile, masculine scent.

Based on our assessment, we believe you will get value for money with Zara's 27°53′21″N 87°05′19″E.

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