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28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E by Zara

28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E

What Does 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E Smell Like

The scent of 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E by Zara introduces itself with a brisk freshness. You will notice a dynamic mix of greenery, potent but not overpowering, mingling with a distinct citrus edge. We believe the heart of this fragrance is punctuated by the spice of cardamom and pink pepper. Their presence is unmistakable and adds a thrilling complexity to the scent profile. Meanwhile, a woody base of cedarwood subtly underpins the entire olfactory journey. It provides a solid foundation for the other notes, letting them shine without dominating the fragrance. The playful interplay between fresh, spicy, and woody tones creates a multi-dimensional scent. However, we noticed that no single note takes center stage - they instead work in tandem, each contributing to the overall character of the perfume. We think this results in a fragrance that is both bold and well-rounded.

Review of 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E

Zara's 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E for men is a scent that strikes a noteworthy equilibrium between freshness and depth. A primary appeal for this fragrance is the underlying green and woody infusions that make it appropriate for men seeking a moderate, yet distinctive aroma. It is primarily fresh, with a hint of citrus and a touch of spice, making it versatile for varied occasions.

The perfume leans more towards a spring scent, yet can carry its weight in the fall. It's a good fit for daily usage, whether at leisure or during business hours. The woody undertones, likely from the cedarwood, along with the subtle zest from cardamom and pink pepper, give the fragrance a character that's unmistakably masculine.

However, the fragrance's longevity and sillage are not as robust as some may prefer. This may mean reapplication during the day, which could be a drawback for those seeking a longer-lasting scent.

Overall, 28°35′46″N 83°49′13″E presents a decent value for men who appreciate a fresh, slightly spicy fragrance that doesn't overpower. It's a reliable choice for those who want a scent that matches their casual or professional environments.

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