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45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E by Zara

45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E

What Does 45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E Smell Like

The scent of 45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E by Zara delivers a bold jolt of freshness, immediately making its presence known. You'll notice the dominant note of apple, a tart and juicy element that lends a fruity nuance. This initial burst of freshness is supplemented by a sharp spicy facet, triggered by the distinct aroma of sage. The synthetic aspects of the perfume lend a slightly artificial edge, while the woody elements ground the scent, adding a sense of earthy depth. The refreshing green and aquatic undertones add complexity, interweaving with the rest of the accords to create a unique olfactory experience. The perfume is a clear tribute to the natural elements, masterfully blended with more synthetic notes, creating a distinctive aroma that stands out. However, the synthetic aspect might not appeal to everyone, and the overall scent could be perceived as too sharp or aggressive by some. Nevertheless, the fragrance offers an exciting sensory journey, capturing the essence of diverse scents.

Review of 45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E

Zara's 45°58′35″N 7°39′32″E is a men's fragrance that leans towards a fresh and spicy scent profile. It's clear that this perfume is majorly designed for men, however, it does have a certain appeal to a younger audience and some women as well. Most people will find its scent profile fitting for the warmer seasons of spring and summer, but it can also work reasonably well in fall, and to a lesser extent, winter.

The perfume's longevity is decent, not overly long-lasting but it should get you through a good part of your day. Its sillage, or scent trail, is fairly moderate. This fragrance is not overwhelmingly powerful; it's more of a subtle presence.

When it comes to value, it's not the best on the market, but it's not the worst, either. As for occasions, we find it to be versatile, suitable for leisure, daily activities, sports, business settings, evenings, or a night out.

Prominent notes of apple, sage, and vetiver give it a fresh, somewhat earthly vibe. However, it does also have a synthetic undertone, which might not be to everyone's liking. And while it’s not a standout, it's a solid, reliable choice for those preferring a fresh and spicy fragrance.

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