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4MBR0X1D3 by Zara

4MBR0X1D3 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 4MBR0X1D3

What Does 4MBR0X1D3 Smell Like

The scent of 4MBR0X1D3 by Zara greets you with dominant woody undertones, capturing the essence of robust sandalwood. You will notice a significant synthetic aspect that we believe infuses the scent with a unique, almost mechanical twist. Immediately following these notes, a lively spicy element emerges, perhaps a stark cardamom, lending some intensity and complexity to the overall fragrance. A freshness then rises, reminiscent of a cool breeze on a warm day, adding lightness to the woody base. This perfume moves towards the end with an unexpected touch of citrus, a subtle hint that brightens up the overall scent. Finally, a powdery note wraps around the fragrance, potentially violet, imbuing it with a soft, clean finish. Yet, it is worth noting that these floral and spicy notes are not overwhelming, instead melting seamlessly into the woody and synthetic base. 4MBR0X1D3 is a modern and traditional scent.

Review of 4MBR0X1D3

4MBR0X1D3 by Zara, released in 2019, is a fragrance primarily marketed towards men. Its scent profile leans heavily on woody and spicy elements, with a somewhat synthetic undertone. There's also an understated freshness in the mix, alongside a hint of citrus and powdery notes. You will find that this composition lends itself well to fall and spring, with a decent performance during winter and summer.

In terms of occasion, this perfume is versatile. It's suitable for leisure activities and daily wear, but can also be worn for business or evening-related activities. The sillage, however, is moderate – so don't expect it to fill a room.

While the perfume has a decent longevity, it doesn't quite surpass other fragrances in the same price bracket. In terms of value for money, there are certainly other options on the market. Nonetheless, if you're after a dominantly woody, spicy fragrance with synthetic undertones, 4MBR0X1D3 by Zara is worth considering.

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