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590, Collins Avenue Miami by Zara

Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 590, Collins Avenue Miami

What Does 590, Collins Avenue Miami Smell Like

The scent of 590, Collins Avenue Miami by Zara is a compelling blend of gourmand, fruity, fresh, floral, and sweet elements. You are greeted with the immediate hit of mango and pineapple. Both lend a distinct and balanced fruitiness, not overpowering but clear and noticeable. Praliné comes next, adding a gourmand aspect that's noticeable without overwhelming the fruit. You will notice the tart, sweet scent of raspberry, a base note that adds a fresh kick rather than a cloying sweetness. Finally, the whiff of floral notes becomes discernible, subtly rounding off the perfume's scent profile. This perfume brings together a balance of flavors, resulting in a harmonious blend that's neither too sweet nor too fresh.

Review of 590, Collins Avenue Miami

Zara's 590, Collins Avenue Miami, released in 2014, is primarily crafted for women, with an interesting blend of sweet, gourmand, fruity, fresh, and floral scent profiles. This mix offers a diverse and layered fragrance experience. The perfume is best suited for spring, with each note complementing the season's mood. You may find it fitting for various occasions, whether it's your daily routine, leisurely outings, or business engagements.

The potency of its scent is decent, while its longevity could be better. Its sillage, or the scent trail left behind, is moderate. Despite its limited lasting power, the perfume offers a scent that some might find appealing. The overall value of the perfume, however, remains moderate compared to other options on the market. Consequently, your decision to purchase Zara's 590, Collins Avenue Miami, might hinge on your personal preference for its distinct scent profile, rather than its longevity or sillage.

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