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6 by Zara

6 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

What Does 6 Smell Like

The scent of 6 by Zara is a complex fusion dominated by spicy, smoky, and woody accords. Upon initial exposure, you will be greeted by a vibrant blend of coriander and miscellaneous citrus notes. We believe these offer a fresh and subtly spicy opening that soon gives way to a heart comprising of Cashmeran and Cedarwood. Our findings are that these notes contribute to the perfume's robust and woody core. As the fragrance progresses, the base notes of Amber and Sandalwood bring forth a warm and earthy finish, hinting at sweet, oriental, resinous, floral, and animalistic aspects. Despite its layered complexity, the scent maintains a balance throughout, delivering a rich and multifaceted olfactory experience.

Review of 6

Zara's 6 perfume, crafted specifically for men, presents a vividly spicy, smoky, and woody fragrance profile. Given the balanced blend of these attributes, the perfume is best suited to the fall and spring seasons. With a moderate scent potency, you will find it appropriate for a range of occasions such as daily use, leisurely outings, and business events.

While the scent holds a certain appeal, keep in mind that this perfume does not particularly excel in longevity or sillage. It may not persist for an extended duration, and its trail is relatively modest. Consequently, re-application might be necessary throughout the day.

The perfume carries a complex blend of characteristics, including earthy and resinous tones, a hint of sweetness, and underlying layers of oriental, floral, and animal notes. Prominent notes of coriander and citrus establish the initial impact of the fragrance.

In our view, 6 by Zara offers a reasonably affordable fragrance choice for men. However, its longevity and sillage shortcomings are a significant consideration to bear in mind.

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