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9:00 PM Friday Night by Zara

9:00 PM Friday Night by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of 9:00 PM Friday Night

What Does 9:00 PM Friday Night Smell Like

The scent of 9:00 PM Friday Night by Zara greets you with a dominant oriental and gourmand note, finely balanced with floral touches. You will notice the powdery tonalities mingling with a sweet undertone, making the overall fragrance profile leaning towards warm and comforting. The floral elements reveal magnolia and orange blossom, their aromatic brightness softened with the soothing presence of heliotrope. The scent unfolds further, revealing the richness of tonka bean and the soft warmth of musk. The final note, smooth vanilla, adds a layer of sweetness to the composition. We think the slight earthy and woody layers provide a grounding base to the scent.

Review of 9:00 PM Friday Night

The perfume 9:00 PM Friday Night by Zara is primarily designed for women. Our findings show this scent offers a predominant blend of oriental, gourmand, and floral notes. Notably, the presence of sweet, powdery undertones and the minor touches of spicy, woody and earthy elements add depth to its profile.

You will find this perfume most suitable for the colder seasons, namely winter and fall. Its scent is ideal for evening wear and nights out, though it can also serve as a leisure fragrance. Its longevity and sillage, while not remarkable, are respectable for its category.

The dominant notes of tonka bean and vanilla might be especially appealing if you enjoy gourmand fragrances while the undertones of musk provide a grounding base. It's worth noting that while the fragrance is appreciated by a wider array of women, it may not appeal to everyone due to its particular scent profile. Some may find it overly sweet or powdery, highlighting the importance of personal preference in fragrance choice.

In terms of value, we believe it offers a middling proposition. If you are looking for a scent that embodies a balance of oriental, gourmand, and floral elements with a unique touch of sweetness, you will get your money's worth with 9:00 PM Friday Night by Zara. However, it might fall short for those seeking a perfume with strong, all-day staying power.

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