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A Book Liaison in Lisbon by Zara

A Book Liaison in Lisbon by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Ane Ayo
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of A Book Liaison in Lisbon

What Does A Book Liaison in Lisbon Smell Like

The scent of A Book Liaison in Lisbon by Zara greets you in a vibrant, floral explosion. Freesia is the star player here, a commanding presence that paints a picture of blooming gardens on a crisp spring morning. Alongside the floral intensity, you'll notice a juicy undertone of plum - a hint of a fruity sweetness that adds depth to the composition without overpowering the dominant blooms. The scent profile is rounded out by the unmistakable whisper of patchouli, lending a subtle earthy freshness to the mix. However, the patchouli is barely discernible, a supporting player in the background rather than a leading note. This is decidedly a floral fragrance, with the fruity and fresh accords playing complimentary roles. Overall, the smell is a dynamic blend of fresh, fruity, and most prominently, floral notes.

Review of A Book Liaison in Lisbon

A Book Liaison in Lisbon by Zara is a floral-forward perfume primarily designed for women. Its scent is a blend where floral notes, particularly freesia, take the center stage, with lighter undertones of fruits and fresh elements. It reveals itself best in the spring season, although its freshness also makes it a good option for the summer. In terms of occasion, it's a versatile scent suitable for daily wear, but also stands up to leisure activities and business environments.

Despite being predominantly floral, it still manages to pique the interest of a younger audience along with its target demographic of women. It's worth noting, however, that the longevity and sillage of this perfume are average at best, so you might need to reapply throughout the day. It's a decent choice for those who prefer a generally floral scent with some complexity. If you're on the lookout for a perfume with a long-lasting scent, though, you may need to explore other options.

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