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A Perfume by Zara

A Perfume by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of A Perfume

What Does A Perfume Smell Like

The scent of A Perfume by Zara for women unfolds by an unmistakable burst of citrus notes, lending a bright, zesty zing to the mix, making up a significant portion of this fragrance. Quickly following, however, is a generous sprinkling of sweetness, exhibiting a velvety, sumptuous richness to counterbalance the sharp citrusy top notes. This sweetness emanates from the rich heart notes of caramel, offering an indulgent treat to the senses, a sinfully delectable juxtaposition to the citrusy top. Sandalwood further anchors the fragrance, giving it a warm, woody undertone, grounding the sweet and citrus delights. Despite its name, we've noticed that this fragrance radically lacks any detectable citrus notes, a surprisingly absent component given the scent profile. This quirk adds a unique character to an otherwise predictably sweet perfume. Overall, A Perfume by Zara for women provides a fusion of sweet, citrus, and woody elements.

Review of A Perfume

A Perfume by Zara, released in 2019, is a noteworthy fragrance designed primarily for women. It carries a dual scent character of citrus and sweet, capturing a blend of tanginess and sugary warmth. The prominence of caramel and sandalwood notes shines through, and the citrus notes, while subtle, add a refreshing twist.

The longevity of the perfume is commendable, ensuring that its users can enjoy its presence throughout the day. However, the sillage could have been better. The fragrance stays closer to the skin, which might require reapplication for those seeking a broader scent trail.

This perfume is a versatile choice, suitable for everyday wear, leisurely outings, business occasions, and even night outs. It is predominantly favored in the fall and spring seasons, but it can work relatively well in winter and summer too.

In terms of value, A Perfume by Zara offers a good deal. However, the overall satisfaction might vary depending on individual scent preferences.

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