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Amazonia Tree by Zara

Amazonia Tree by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Amazonia Tree

What Does Amazonia Tree Smell Like

The scent of Amazonia Tree by Zara is predominantly green and fruity, suggesting a refreshing, natural aroma that evokes images of a walk through an exotic forest. As you delve deeper into its profile, the smell of ripe, juicy peaches is surprisingly absent. Instead, you're greeted by a strong note of jasmine, adding an enchanting floral touch to the perfume. This floral hint subtly intertwines with a creamy and powdery accord, creating a blend that adds a soft, alluring finish to the overall fragrance. And to round off this unique fragrance, a distinct hint of sandalwood makes its presence known, but it stays quiet, barely making a ripple in the bouquet. The end result is a complex and layered perfume, a predominantly green, fruity aroma with floral, creamy and powdery nuances playing supporting roles, underpinned by a hidden woody note. But we can't ignore the loss of the promised peach aroma, which is unfortunately not coming through in the blend.

Review of Amazonia Tree

Amazonia Tree by Zara is a women's perfume that manages to straddle several scent profiles. Its dominant green and fruity notes make it a great choice for those who favor natural, earthy fragrances. The inclusion of powdery, creamy, and floral elements add a certain depth and complexity that set it apart from other perfumes in its category.

While the prominent jasmine note might promise a stronger floral presence, in reality, it merely acts as an accent to the overall composition. This is not a drawback, as it allows the other scent profiles to shine through. The perfume's longevity and sillage are decent but not overly impressive, so it might require an occasional reapplication throughout the day.

We find Amazonia Tree to be a versatile scent suitable for various occasions, from daily use to evening outings. Its optimal use seems to be during the warmer seasons of spring and summer, although it can also be worn during fall and winter.

Despite its positive qualities, the value of Amazonia Tree by Zara could be better. It's a decent choice for those seeking a green, fruity perfume with a hint of floral, but there might be other options providing better value for money.

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