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Amber Rose & Jasmine by Zara

Amber Rose & Jasmine by Zara
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Amber Rose & Jasmine

What Does Amber Rose & Jasmine Smell Like

The scent of Amber Rose & Jasmine by Zara is prominently a citrusy fragrance, punctuated by a tinge of leathery scent. You will notice the top notes of jasmine, which give the perfume a sharp, floral aroma. As the scent matures on your skin, the middle notes of rose rise to the surface, injecting a sweet, familiar fragrance into the mix. Finally, the base note of vanilla makes itself known, softening the overall scent profile with a creamy finish. The blend of these three dominant notes creates a harmonious balance, not leaning too heavily into one single category. The experience of Amber Rose & Jasmine by Zara is undeniably a journey, with the layers of fragrance unfolding in their own time. Despite the limited information, we believe the perfume offers a tasteful blend of floral and sweet notes with a touch of citrusy and leathery undertones.

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