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Amber Vanilla by Zara

Amber Vanilla by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Amber Vanilla

What Does Amber Vanilla Smell Like

The scent of Amber Vanilla by Zara is a rich journey for the senses. Upon the first smell, you'll notice a prominent sweetness, not unlike a sugar-spun confection, that gently eases into an Oriental embrace. This Oriental facet transports you to a market of spices, offering a spicy undertone that warms and intrigues. This spicy facet artfully intertwines with a solid woody base, reminiscent of aged oak and exotic forests, that grounds the fragrance. As these notes blend, there's an emergence of floral tones that might make you think of a spring meadow. Alongside these, there's an interesting note of synthetic that adds a modern edge while powdery hints bring a softness, like a velvet touch against the skin. Gourmand and animal elements respectfully add a depth, simultaneously bringing a tantalizing, edible quality and a primal, raw essence. It's important to note that while Amber and Vanilla form the name of this perfume, they are not identifiable in the composition.

Review of Amber Vanilla

Zara's Amber Vanilla is a perfume primarily designed for women, though it doesn't shy away from appealing to men and the younger crowd. Its scent profile leans heavily towards the sweet and oriental side, with noticeable hints of spicy, woody, and floral elements sprinkled in. This concoction results in a dominant amber-vanilla fusion that's quite prominent and distinct.

It tends to match well with colder seasons like fall and winter, providing a warm and comforting aura. While it's versatile enough for various occasions, Amber Vanilla shines in leisurely and evening settings. Its daily usage potential is decent, and it doesn't feel out of place for a night out either.

However, its staying power is one area that might leave you wanting more. Its scent might not linger as long as you'd expect or prefer. Also, its sillage or scent trail, is modest, not expecting to leave a big impression in crowded spaces. As for value, Amber Vanilla offers a fair deal, considering its price point and the experience it provides.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a sweet, oriental perfume with a noticeable amber-vanilla presence, Amber Vanilla by Zara could be an option. Just bear in mind its modest longevity and sillage, and you might find it a fitting addition to your collection.

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