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Aquatic Mind by Zara

Aquatic Mind by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Aquatic Mind

What Does Aquatic Mind Smell Like

The scent of Aquatic Mind by Zara is unmistakably aquatic, as the name suggests. Imagine the aroma of a fresh ocean breeze mingling with the scent of wildflowers on a coastal path. At the first sniff, you are greeted by the refreshing zing of lemon combined with the sweet complexity of watery fruits. This fruity introduction subtly gives way to the central theme of the perfume - the aquatic notes that embody a water-splashed freshness.

However, the aquatic heart of this fragrance doesn't overshadow the floral essence. The geranium's slightly peppery and green aroma lingers, folding in smoothly with the aquatic core. This combination introduces a certain depth to the fragrance, preventing it from becoming too light or fleeting.

As we delve deeper into the scent, we discover the base notes of moss and praliné. The moss lends a dense, earthy feel, grounding the perfume and adding depth. The praline note surprises us with a sweet twist, creating a finish that is neither overly sweet nor gourmand.

On the whole, Aquatic Mind is a fragrance that starts with a fruity zest, unveils an aquatic-floral heart, and lands softly with a sweet-earthy base. Despite the absence of traditional wood tones, it successfully curates a masculine essence that is fresh, aquatic, and distinct.

Review of Aquatic Mind

Aquatic Mind by Zara is a men's perfume that releases an unmistakable aquatic scent, complemented by floral, fruity, and fresh undertones. This fragrance is particularly popular among mature men, but its appeal stretches out to a diverse demographic. The scent is most prominent in summer and spring, aligning well with its aquatic freshness.

We believe that Aquatic Mind is a good fit for casual and daily use. The initial scent you'll notice is a blend of watery fruits and a hint of lemon, which gives a refreshing kick. As the scent evolves, the aquatic notes become more dominant, enhanced by the subtle touch of geranium. The mossy base note, along with a hint of praliné, adds a lingering sweetness.

In terms of longevity, it's satisfactory. However, the sillage is not as strong, which means the scent's radius is relatively small. If you prefer a more discreet and understated fragrance, you'll appreciate this.

We think that Aquatic Mind offers a decent value for its price. It is still available for purchase, so if a light, aquatic scent that does not overpower is what you're looking for, this might be a suitable choice. However, if you prefer robust, long-lasting fragrances, you might want to explore other options.

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