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Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 by Zara

Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236

What Does Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 Smell Like

The scent of Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 by Zara greets you with a fresh burst, subtly hinting at a woody undertone. We believe the lively freshness is a result of the generous hints of citrus coming through. Despite its initial zest, don't be fooled - this perfume doesn't shy away from introducing a floral layer into its complex profile. You will notice a sweet touch, which we think originates from invisible sprinkles of cinnamon and orange blossom. The perfume maintains an earthy tone due to the hidden sandalwood note. As the fragrance further unravels, you will notice a slight spicy kick, which, we think, adds a layer of intrigue. Subtle synthetic, fruity and aquatic notes form a backdrop, adding depth without standing out. Despite its multi-layered structure, each note makes its presence known without overpowering the others. This is a fragrance that dares to be complex without being overwhelming.

Review of Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236

Zara's Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 is primarily targeted towards men, and it carries a scent that is both fresh and woody, with a slight hint of sweetness and citrus undertones. You'll find it particularly appealing if you gravitate towards floral and spicy notes, with a slight hint of fruity and aquatic elements.

This fragrance seems most fitting for the warmer months of spring and summer, although it could work well in fall, too. It's a versatile scent that you could wear for a variety of occasions, from a regular day at work to a fun night out or even a casual leisure day.

However, while the scent of this perfume is quite pleasant, it doesn't possess the highest longevity. This means you might need to reapply it throughout the day to maintain your fragrance. Also, the sillage is moderate, so it won't overpower those around you but will create a subtle presence.

Overall, Berlin Marmorhaus Kurfürstendamm 236 by Zara is a decent choice if you're seeking a fresh, woody, and slightly sweet fragrance. Nonetheless, it may not be the best choice if you're looking for a perfume that lasts all day without reapplication.

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