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Bitter Orange by Zara

Bitter Orange by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Bitter Orange

What Does Bitter Orange Smell Like

The scent of Bitter Orange by Zara is a distinct experience that greets you with a blend of fruity and floral nuances. The dominating accord is a fruity note, specifically that of bitter orange blossom, which we believe provides a sharp, tangy introduction to the perfume. This tart freshness is intertwined with the floral component of orange blossom, adding a slightly sweet and creamy layer to the fragrance. The floral and fruity combination is then tied together with a creaminess that adds depth and richness. As the top notes start to unfold, an animal musk emerges, lending an earthy and potent undertone to the perfume. This is contrasted by a subtle sweetness that lends an enjoyable, light touch to the scent. Further into the perfume's journey, we find an assortment of green, gourmand, fresh, spicy, and woody undertones, which create a dynamic, multi-layered profile. Clearly, Bitter Orange is a complex yet approachable perfume with a bold character, defined by its vivid fruity-floral centre and musky, creamy depths.

Review of Bitter Orange

Zara's Bitter Orange, a perfume introduced in 2018, is a scent designed with equal consideration for both men and women. It's a concoction that's best appreciated in the warmth of summer or the bloom of spring, making it a fitting choice for those seeking a seasonally appropriate fragrance.

The perfume is a medley of diverse scent types. Predominantly, it's a fruity-floral blend with a distinct citrus edge, which is then seamlessly combined with a creamy, animalistic base. A hint of spice adds a certain allure to the overall scent profile, while subtle woody, green, gourmand, and fresh notes keep the perfume from becoming too one-dimensional. The prominent note of bitter orange blossom adds a certain bitterness that aligns well with the perfume's name.

For everyday wear, the Bitter Orange perfume is a suitable choice, whether it's for casual leisure activities, business settings, or even sporting events. However, you may find the perfume's longevity and sillage somewhat lacking, as it tends to be less enduring and its scent trail not as potent as some may prefer. Despite this, for the price point, we believe this perfume offers reasonable value.

So, if you are looking for a versatile, everyday scent that does not lean heavily towards any specific gender and has a distinct citrusy, fruity-floral character, Zara's Bitter Orange might be worth considering.

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