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Black Pepper & Cedarwood by Zara

Black Pepper & Cedarwood by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Black Pepper & Cedarwood

What Does Black Pepper & Cedarwood Smell Like

The scent of Black Pepper & Cedarwood by Zara is a vivid dance of bold, woody and spicy characteristics. You are greeted by the strikingly robust scent of cedar, which forms the dominant backdrop of this fragrance. Coupled with this is the sharp, tangy aroma of black pepper, adding a spicy layer that teases the senses. The interplay between these two dominant notes sets up an interesting olfactory experience. Furthermore, leather's scent adds a rugged and masculine dimension, while also contributing to the perfume's oriental trait. An underlying layer of citrus brings a slight zest, offsetting the intensity with a refreshing note. The smoky, resinous facets add a depth with a hint of sweetness wrapping the scent in a pleasing undertone. Finally, the earthy nuances add a grounding touch, making the fragrance a sophisticated and bold choice for men.

Review of Black Pepper & Cedarwood

Zara's Black Pepper & Cedarwood is a decidedly masculine scent with a dominant woody profile. Released in 2020, this fragrance has a noticeable presence of cedar and black pepper, making it a good fit for those who appreciate warm, spicy aromas. The scent also carries subtle tinges of citrus, sweetness, and smokiness, adding some depth and complexity. Its longevity is moderate, so you might find you need to reapply it during the day.

Despite its strong woody and spicy character, the scent has relatively low sillage, meaning it won’t fill up a room when you enter. You might find it more suitable for personal enjoyment or intimate settings rather than making a bold statement. Its value is pretty standard for a Zara fragrance - affordable but with no extraordinary perks.

In terms of usage, you'll find it versatile for various occasions - from daily wear to business meetings and leisure activities. Its earthy, leathery, and resinous nuances make it a fitting choice for the cooler months of fall and spring. However, the fragrance may feel a bit too heavy for the summer season, and lacks the depth needed for winter wear.

Despite its shortcomings, if you appreciate spicy and woody aromas, you may find a spot for Black Pepper & Cedarwood in your fragrance rotation.

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