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Black Tag by Zara

Black Tag by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2014
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Black Tag

What Does Black Tag Smell Like

The scent opens with a robust woody aroma; imagine a vibrant forest teeming with fresh timber. The dominant note of Vetiver is evident, imbuing the overall profile with an earthy charm. Your senses are enlivened as sharp bursts of citrus - specifically, tangy grapefruit and zesty bergamot - begin to unfold. This pairing adds a sunny, refreshing lift to the otherwise dense woodland scent. As it evolves spikes of spice slither through, with pepper being decidedly noticeable. This spice interplay injects an exhilarating quality to the mix. In the background, a faint sweetness lingers, seemingly a trace of the smooth, warmth of vanilla. Meanwhile, unexpected hints of synthetic, green, fruity, and creamy notes complicate this olfactory narrative in subtle and nuanced ways, avoiding any overtly sweet or floral cliches. Towards the end, the scent reveals a powdery finish, a gentle finale to an otherwise vibrant and dynamic scent journey.

Review of Black Tag

Black Tag by Zara is a primarily male-focused and a relatively versatile fragrance. Predominantly woody, it has a distinct undercurrent of citrus and spice, with fresh, sweet, and powdery notes providing a subtle backdrop. Vetiver is the most prominent note, imbuing the perfume with an earthy aroma, while undertones of pepper, vanilla, and grapefruit add dimension.

Designed for a more mature audience, we believe this perfume may not strongly appeal to the younger crowd. It's an all-rounder in terms of seasons, although it stands out in the fall. In terms of occasions, it's suitable for daily wear, leisure activities, and business scenarios.

However, it falls short in the areas of longevity and sillage, implying the scent may not last as long or project as far as you may like. Yet, considering the price point, we think you will find Black Tag a good value for money given its overall scent profile and versatility.

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