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Black by Zara

Black by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Black

What Does Black Smell Like

The scent of Black by Zara for women is predominantly sweet and fruity, making for a mouthwatering first impression. You are immediately greeted by an indulgent sugary aroma, underpinned by a medley of vibrant, juicy fruit notes. This initial sweetness is not cloying, though, as it's finely tempered by subtle powdery nuances. This powdery element lends a soft, velvety texture to the overall smell, smoothly transitioning from the sweetness to a more delicate, comforting gourmand undertone. Interestingly, there are also creamy hints woven into the composition, which add a smooth and rich aspect to the fragrance. Lastly, the scent is punctuated by a light, albeit noticeable, floral facet that adds a hint of freshness and elegance to the mix. However, our findings are that Black by Zara lacks any distinct notes of cinnamon, green notes, musk, orange, or vanilla, despite these being typical perfume notes. This makes the scent uncomplicated and straightforward, focusing on the lush sweetness and fruitiness.

Review of Black

Black by Zara is a women's perfume primarily suited for colder months, with its highest effectiveness in winter and fall. The scent leans on the sweet and fruity side, with an undercurrent of creamy, gourmand, and floral notes. This combination makes it a fine choice for leisure activities and daily use, though it can also fit into the business environment or outings at night. Its scent, while having a modest appeal, may not be as intense or enduring as some might prefer. The perfume’s moderate longevity and sillage suggest that it tends to stay closer to the skin rather than enveloping the wearer in a noticeable fragrance cloud. It is important to mention that despite its more subtle profile, it does deliver a certain depth and complexity thanks to the interplay of its scent elements. In a nutshell, you will find Black by Zara an agreeable, versatile fragrance that might not be as long-lasting or as powerful as some alternatives.

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