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Blueshape by Zara

Blueshape by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Blueshape

What Does Blueshape Smell Like

The scent of Blueshape by Zara is a blend of contrasting yet complementary notes. At first smell, you are greeted by a burst of zesty and refreshing citrus that takes center stage. This is quickly followed by a surprising and pleasant sweetness, a reminder of ripe, juicy fruits. As the initial excitement settles, a sense of calm green freshness emerges, reminiscent of dew-touched foliage. At this point, the scent takes an unexpected turn, diving into cool aquatic undertones that transport you to serene, placid lakesides. Simultaneously, the scent also unravels a smooth, creamy aroma, with delicate, subtle floral notes peeking through to add an element of surprise and depth. Yet, throughout the scent's journey, the citrusy character remains consistent, reminding you of its resolute presence. However, the distinct lack of amber and cardamom notes is noticeably felt, leaving an unfulfilled desire for warmth and spice. Despite this, Blueshape remains a compelling fragrance that indeed paints a vivid olfactory picture.

Review of Blueshape

Blueshape by Zara, introduced in 2019, is clearly a perfume designed for men, resonating with tones that are multifarious yet distinct. The scent profile is complex, with citrus taking the lead, and sweet, green, fruity, fresh, creamy, floral, and aquatic notes creating a well-rounded bouquet. It's a scent that doesn't discriminate by age, appealing to both the young and more mature audience.

The longevity and sillage of this perfume are moderate, neither overpowering nor fleeting. It's a perfume that accompanies you, rather than announces your arrival.

Ideally, Blueshape shines during the warmer seasons - spring and summer, but it also brings a fresh vibe to the colder months. It suits various occasions from a lively night out to a casual day at work or leisurely weekends.

Yet, keep in mind, this perfume might not be the best value for your money. It's a decent fragrance, but there are stronger contenders in the same price range. Despite this, if you are hunting for a versatile, fresh, and inviting scent, Blueshape by Zara could be a suitable choice.

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