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Bohemian Oud by Zara

Bohemian Oud by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Bohemian Oud

What Does Bohemian Oud Smell Like

The scent of Bohemian Oud by Zara is an exploration of complexity. As you first smell it, you are greeted with a smoky and spicy blend, creating a bold and assertive aura. The scent profile reveals a charming mixture of black pepper and cocoa, providing an and robust contrast. Leather's robust presence adds an unmistakable edge, while still maintaining its femininity. The sweetness of vanilla softens the overall impact, creating a bewitching contrast to the smoky and leathery tones. The woody accord is subtly present, anchoring the scent and adding a comforting depth. An underlying resinous hint from frankincense and immortelle adds nuance and sophistication, giving the perfume a slightly mystical edge. Despite a certain sweetness, gourmand elements such as cocoa are not overpowering, rather they provide a tempting undertone, rounding out the scent. The result is a scent that is daring and distinctive, yet remains sophisticated and enticing.

Review of Bohemian Oud

Zara's Bohemian Oud is a perfume that targets the refined olfactory preferences of women. This scent predominantly appeals to a mature audience, perhaps due to the smoky, spicy, and leathery scent profile, hinting at a warm and rich experience. It's best suited for the cooler seasons, fall and winter, adding a comforting aura during these chillier times.

We believe it's a perfume that can be worn in the evening or for a night out, enhancing a sense of mystery and allure. However, it also performs well as a daily perfume, adding an edge to your regular routine. The longevity is notable but not overpowering, meaning you will get a fair duration of scent without overwhelming those around you.

Despite its richness and complexity, the perfume has a surprisingly accessible price point, making it a valuable addition to your collection. However, the sillage can be somewhat lacking, which may limit its impact in larger spaces or amongst crowds.

Overall, Zara's Bohemian Oud is a distinctive and memorable perfume that offers a touch of luxury for everyday wear or special occasions.

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