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Bushy Gardens by Zara

Bushy Gardens by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Bushy Gardens

What Does Bushy Gardens Smell Like

The scent of Bushy Gardens by Zara is a balanced blend of floral and fruity tones. Upon first sniff, you will notice an almost equal representation of both main accords. The fruity aspect of the perfume seems to stem from the presence of pear, which gives the fragrance a refreshing summer vibe while adding a slight, yet noticeable, sweetness. On the other hand, the floral aspect is readily perceivable due to the presence of rose, adding a classic, timeless elegance to the overall scent. As the fragrance settles, you are greeted by the tonka bean's undertone which brings a unique, slightly spicy depth to the fragrance, preventing it from being an entirely sweet or floral scent. Considering the presence of these notes, we believe that this perfume offers an interesting, yet familiar olfactory experience without overwhelming the senses.

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