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C4SHMER4N by Zara

C4SHMER4N by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of C4SHMER4N

What Does C4SHMER4N Smell Like

The scent of C4SHMER4N by Zara opens with a notable spicy accord, one that is paired effectively with a synthetic element creating an overall leathery impression. As the initial olfactory hit subsides, you are greeted by a sweet undertone intermingled with woody notes that combine to give a comforting warmth to the overall composition. An oriental facet adds depth and complexity to the aroma, while the inclusion of gourmand and creamy features bring a smooth richness to the smell. A fruity touch is present but subdued, working in the background to balance the perfume's character. The presence of Cashmeran, though not noticeable, subtly influences the woody and spicy notes, effectively anchoring them. Meanwhile, any presence of Bergamot or Tonka bean is indistinguishable in this otherwise complex and layered fragrance.

Review of C4SHMER4N

Launched in 2018, Zara's C4SHMER4N is a striking perfume formulated primarily to cater to men's olfactory preferences. The scent profile is dominated by the spicy and synthetic accords, followed closely by sweet nuances, suggesting the perfume's distinct character. A prominent note of Cashmeran lends an exotic, dense charm to this fragrance.

You'll find it most suitable for fall and winter, adding warmth in the crisp air. Its potency performs more effectively during evening times and leisurely activities, making it a suitable choice for night outs. While the scent can also be worn in a daily routine or business setting, these are not its primary arenas.

You should be aware of its average sillage, suggesting that the scent may not have an extensive reach. Also, the longevity is satisfactory, indicating that it won't last through an entire day without reapplications. Overall, Zara's C4SHMER4N is a solid choice if you're in search of an earthy, spicy, and sweet fragrance.

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