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Calm Lake by Zara

Calm Lake by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Calm Lake

What Does Calm Lake Smell Like

The scent of Calm Lake by Zara greets you with a pronounced woody aroma, evoking images of an untouched forest by a serene lake. It carries the clean, fresh smell of aquatic environments, uplifting with its green undertones that make the heart of this fragrance. As we explore further, we detect the warm, exotic spiciness of cardamom and pepper. There's an unexpected elegance to this scent, owed significantly to the powdery note that softly grips the more prominent woody and spicy notes. Amid the complexity of these scents, we find an interesting synthetic accord that buzzes subtly in the background, giving the fragrance a modern edge. At the base, the sensuality of cedarwood adds a depth. All these elements intertwine to create an aroma that is refreshingly earthy and subtly spicy without overwhelming your senses. We believe Calm Lake by Zara offers a unique fragrance journey that is both thrilling and soothing in its progression.

Review of Calm Lake

Calm Lake by Zara, primarily designed for men, offers a blend of woody, spicy, and fresh notes making it a notable choice for those who prefer a synthetic, powdery scent with a hint of green and aquatic undertones. It projects a moderate scent trail, which aligns well with its overall character. The perfume shines in the spring season due to its green and fresh notes, though it can be worn during other seasons as well.

The scent is versatile enough to be worn during various occasions, from daily routines to leisure activities and even business meetings.

Overall, Calm Lake is a scent that carries a youthful spirit with a masculine edge. If you're looking for a perfume that leans towards a synthetic, powdery scent with a woody-spicy character, this might be a fitting choice to consider.

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