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Energy Vibes by Zara

Energy Vibes by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Energy Vibes

What Does Energy Vibes Smell Like

The scent of Energy Vibes by Zara greets you initially with a robust citrus aroma, intertwined with a hint of fresh mint, creating a lively scent experience. This initial burst of citrus and freshness gradually gives way to more subtle, spicy undertones. As we delve deeper into the scent profile, the presence of jasmine, lavender, and musk notes becomes more noticeable, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue. These floral and musky tones are underpinned by the grounding scent of cedar, creating an earthy, woody base. Meanwhile, the perfume subtly incorporates an aquatic note, giving the scent a clean, fresh undertone. The inclusion of myrrh adds a unique, slightly resinous touch to the perfume, completing the composition. Despite its complexity, the scent maintains a clear, vivid, and vibrant character, providing an energizing olfactory experience.

Review of Energy Vibes

Zara's Energy Vibes perfume, released in 2022, is primarily designed for women, but also garnered attention from a diverse audience. This fragrance's main attraction lies in its citrus and fresh scent profile, making it an optimal choice for those who prefer a vibrant and revitalizing aroma. The spicy undertones add a bit of unexpected warmth to the perfume, grounding the otherwise effervescent scent.

Although it suits all seasons, Energy Vibes shines in the warmer months of spring and summer, where its refreshing aroma can provide a welcome contrast to the heat. It's a versatile scent, fitting for a variety of occasions from daily activities to more professional settings.

However, despite its appealing scent, Energy Vibes falls a bit short on the longevity front. It may require reapplication throughout the day to stay prominent. Additionally, its sillage is moderate, which means it may not project far from the skin.

In terms of value, if you're looking for a mid-range perfume with a fresh, citrusy scent that works best for day-to-day activities in warmer climates, Zara's Energy Vibes could be a fit for you. However, for those seeking a long-lasting scent with strong sillage, you might want to explore other options.

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