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Reflecting Celebrations by Zara

Reflecting Celebrations by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Jo Malone
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Reflecting Celebrations

What Does Reflecting Celebrations Smell Like

The scent of Reflecting Celebrations by Zara introduces a woody note as its main character. Our senses pick up the unmistakable earthy and rich aroma of Palo Santo, which is well-accentuated and not overshadowed. The fragrance is not shy of a citrus twist; an undertone of zesty orange and refreshing grapefruit stands out. It adds a fruity burst to the otherwise intense woody scent, lightening up the aroma and adding an unexpected freshness. The perfume shows its sweet flair subtly, not overpowering, but just enough to lend a soft and feminine touch. Yet, there's an artificiality to it, punctuating its sweet, citrusy profile with a synthetic note. It's also laced with a creamy hint, but the earthiness stands out, rooting the perfume to its woody base. Even though it carries a powdery facet, it doesn't mask the overall scent profile. Reflecting Celebrations has a complex composition, appealing to those who appreciate a fragrance that is both earthy and bright.

Review of Reflecting Celebrations

Reflecting Celebrations by Zara is a women's perfume that landed on the shelves in 2022. It clearly leans towards a woody scent, but the bright hints of citrus bring an unexpected twist to the overall aroma. As we have found, the perfume might be a bit overwhelming for those who prefer a subtle fragrance - it has a noticeable sillage which could linger in a room after you've left.

Of the diverse scents found in the perfume, notes of Palo Santo are most prominent. This, combined with the other elements, makes it particularly suited to the cooler seasons of fall and spring. It seems like a fitting choice for a business setting, though it can be worn in casual daily settings as well. However, it may not stand the test of an entire day or night out, given its slightly lower longevity rating.

In terms of value, you will find this perfume to be a decent choice. It's not the most long-lasting on the market, but it's a blend that's worth trying. Despite its shortcomings, Reflecting Celebrations offers an interesting blend of scents that are sure to pique the interest of many perfume enthusiasts.

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