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Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona by Zara

Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona

What Does Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona Smell Like

The scent of Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona by Zara pulls you in with its prominently synthetic and sweet profile. Upon initial smell, you are welcomed by a potent kick of synthetic aroma, making a bold declaration of its presence. This is intertwined with a sweet undercurrent, akin to the smell of ripe, juicy fruits, adding a sense of freshness to the mix. These fruity notes are notable, giving the perfume an underpinning of natural freshness. The scent also possesses a powdery undertone, akin to a soft baby powder, adding to its overall feminine appeal. We find a hint of floral aroma tied into this mix, likely from a peony note, though this is not overpowering. The fragrance unfolds subtly with a gourmand trace, evoking a sense of indulgence. A whisper of sandalwood might be detected, providing a smooth, woody base. Disappointingly, the raspberry note is almost non-existent, leaving us with the impression that it might have rounded off this fragrance quite nicely.

Review of Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona

We've had the opportunity to experience Zara's Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona, a perfume designed primarily for women. Unveiled in 2017, it evokes a predominantly synthetic, sweet, and fruity aura, with underlying powdery, gourmand, fresh, and floral tones. The scent is reminiscent of a springtime bouquet, although it can also be appreciated across other seasons. It's fair to say that you will find this fragrance suitable for daily wear or leisurely activities, even in a business setting.

The longevity and sillage are reasonable, meaning the scent lingers without being overly dominant. However, the perfume leans more towards the synthetic end of the spectrum, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. Additionally, the sweet tones could potentially be overpowering for some. Nevertheless, if you're a fan of sweet, fruity scents with a synthetic twist, you might find this perfume to your liking. With its various scent profiles and usage flexibility, Zara's Caramelos Artesanos en Barcelona offers an interesting choice for women seeking something a bit different in their perfume repertoire.

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