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Cashmere Rose by Zara

Cashmere Rose by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Cashmere Rose

What Does Cashmere Rose Smell Like

The scent of Cashmere Rose by Zara is primarily floral, with a dominant peony note that you'll recognize right away. This delicateness is intermingled with a sweet undertone which we believe has a touch of cherry, subtly infusing the fragrance with a fruity twist. There's also a hint of creamy vanilla, conjuring an image of a frothy, aromatic dessert. However, the perfume doesn't shy away from an artificial edge, giving it a somewhat synthetic character. Despite this, we perceive it as a gourmand fragrance that tickles the senses with a tempting sweetness. The overall olfactory experience is a complex blend of floral and sweet notes, highlighted by fruity hints and a creamy touch. The powdery nuance, while discernible, takes a backseat. Nonetheless, it lends a distinctive, mature vibe to the perfume. The scent's synthetic aspect may be a bit off-putting for some, but it’s critical in maintaining a modern, inventive approach to the otherwise traditional floral-sweet profile.

Review of Cashmere Rose

Zara's Cashmere Rose, released in 2017, is an offering designed primarily for women. Its scent profile leans towards the floral, sweet, and fruity spectrum, making it a choice for those who enjoy these notes. The synthetic and gourmand undertones add depth and complexity to the fragrance, while the powdery and creamy elements lend a touch of softness and warmth.

The perfume does well in the fall and spring seasons, making it a great transitional fragrance. However, its performance in the heat of the summer might not be as impressive. In terms of occasions, it's a versatile perfume that you can wear for leisure activities, daily errands, or a night out. It also fits well for evening occasions but might not be the perfect pick for formal business settings.

On the downside, the scent's longevity and sillage are average. It might need reapplication throughout the day to maintain its presence. For its price though, we believe it offers good value for money. While not extraordinary, Cashmere Rose by Zara is a satisfactory option for women seeking a floral, sweet perfume with a comfortable and familiar vibe.

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