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Cherry Smoothie by Zara

Cherry Smoothie by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Cherry Smoothie

What Does Cherry Smoothie Smell Like

The scent of Cherry Smoothie by Zara opens with a pronounced fruity impression, clearly marked by tart cherry and ripe plum, with a subtle undertone of almond adding depth. As the initial wave of fruitiness recedes, you're introduced to the heart of Peru balsam and heliotrope, lending a slightly spicy yet creamy aroma. The base of the fragrance is dominated by the comforting smell of vanilla, which is beautifully complemented by a hint of tonka bean. Throughout the olfactory journey, a sweet accord prevails, gently touched by gourmand and synthetic elements, creating a well-balanced and approachable perfume. However, we notice a lack of complexity, mainly owing to the dominance of fruity and sweet accords.

Review of Cherry Smoothie

Zara's Cherry Smoothie, launched in 2022, primarily targets a female audience. This perfume has a decidedly fruity and sweet profile, with cherry, plum, and almond coming forward as the most prominent notes. These are softened by a gourmand heart of Peru balsam and heliotrope and a comforting base of vanilla and tonka bean.

The resulting fragrance is predominantly sweet and creamy, though it does have synthetic undertones that some may find less appealing. The spiciness is present, but not overwhelming, and adds some depth to the perfume.

The Cherry Smoothie leans towards being a casual scent, ideal for leisure activities or daily wear. It performs reasonably well across all seasons, with a slight lean towards spring and fall.

In terms of longevity and sillage, the perfume holds up fairly well, though we do not consider it to be exceptionally long-lasting or far-reaching. The value offered, however, is quite high, making this a cost-effective choice.

In summary, if you are a woman who enjoys fruity, sweet fragrances and are looking for an affordable everyday perfume, Zara's Cherry Smoothie could be a solid choice.

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