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Coral Cassis by Zara

Coral Cassis by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Coral Cassis

What Does Coral Cassis Smell Like

The scent of Coral Cassis by Zara is a mixed bag of various olfactory elements. Upon the first whiff, one can detect a sweet, synthetic smell that might remind you of sugar-coated fruits. This synthetic sweetness is layered with a dusting of powdery essence and further brightened by a wave of juicy, fruity aroma. The freshness experienced here is synonymous with a dew-kissed morning garden. There is also an identifiable creamy undertone that seems to wrap all other aromas in a cocoon of indulgence. Floral notes emerge subtly, seemingly dancing around the edges of the scent profile without overwhelming it. The individual notes of velvety blackcurrant, juicy peach, and delicate peony that you can discern throughout contribute to a progression of the fragrance, making Coral Cassis an interesting olfactory journey. While it is a diverse mix, some may find the synthetic aspect a tad overpowering, somewhat diminishing the natural elements of the fragrance.

Review of Coral Cassis

Coral Cassis by Zara is a perfume designed for women. Its scent profile is an equal mix of synthetic, sweet, powdery, fruity, fresh, creamy, and floral notes, with dominant hints of blackcurrant, peach, and peony. It strikes a balanced equation between different fragrance types, making it versatile for all occasions, whether it's a daily routine, a leisurely outing, a business meet, or an evening event.

This perfume is best suited for the fall season, as its blend of creamy, fruity, and floral elements bring a warm cosiness in the chilly weather. However, its longevity and sillage might not be up to the mark. The scent might fade quicker than you'd expect, and its reach might not be extensive. This slightly detracts from its overall value, as you might find yourself reapplying frequently to maintain the fragrance.

Despite these shortcomings, if you're someone who prefers a mix of sweetness, freshness, and floral notes in your perfume, Coral Cassis could be worth considering. It paints a picture of autumn, with a dash of fruity sweetness and a floral undertone.

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