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D Collection by Zara

D Collection by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of D Collection

What Does D Collection Smell Like

The scent of D Collection by Zara is a complex but well-balanced blend that greets you with distinguishable, bright tones of lemon and other aromatic notes. This first aromatic impression gives way to a heart that is a combination of the unexpected: delicate violet comes to the forefront, offering a floral touch. The sweetness of fruit, with the noticeable scent of apple, is also present, delicately balanced with the woody fragrance of cedarwood and the tropical aroma of pineapple.

As the top and heart notes fade, you'll notice the foundation of this fragrance. Musk, with its deep, sensual aroma, is the prominent base note, lending a robustness that underlines the overall composition. The warm and comforting smell of Tonka bean complements the musk, adding to the depth and richness of the perfume. Amber and vetiver are in the composition but are almost undetectable, existing more as a hint than a pronounced aroma.

This perfume provides an interesting journey for your senses, with the layers of sweet, woody, and fruity blending seamlessly with citrus, freshness, and creamy floral notes. Despite its intricate composition, we believe that D Collection by Zara for men maintains a harmonious balance, creating a fragrance that is intriguing and sophisticated.

Review of D Collection

D Collection by Zara, released in 2017, primarily caters to men with a scent that is predominantly sweet, woody, and fruity. We find that the fragrance leans toward a younger to middle-aged demographic. It's a scent for the active man, suitable for daily use and business settings, but also enjoyable for leisure activities.

Despite the diverse range of scent notes, the most prominent ones to us that stood out were the aromatic and citrusy top notes, with a hint of violet and apple in the heart, and musk and tonka bean forming a solid foundation.

We find that it performs best in the spring and fall months, although it's flexible enough to be worn in summer and, to a lesser extent, winter. However, in terms of sillage and longevity, you may find it a little lacking. The scent doesn't project too far and might not last an entire workday without a reapplication.

In terms of value, you will get a decent deal considering the price point and the quality of the scent. Overall, Zara's D Collection offers a pleasant, easy-to-wear fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses, but its performance may leave a bit to be desired.

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