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Deep Blue Sea by Zara

Deep Blue Sea by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Deep Blue Sea

What Does Deep Blue Sea Smell Like

The scent of Deep Blue Sea by Zara immerses you in an aquatic and fresh experience, evoking the feeling of a brisk ocean breeze. Upon first application, you are greeted by the freshness of marine notes, reminiscent of the sea, underpinned by an unexpected hint of citrusy bergamot. As the initial aquatic freshness starts to mellow, you will notice the emergence of a spiciness that adds a complexity to the fragrance. This is soon accompanied by a subtle fruity undertone, providing a contrasting sweetness against the top notes. As the scent evolves, the presence of cedar becomes more apparent. This woody note grounds the fragrance, providing a solid foundation for the other elements. However, we find the floral elements are slightly overshadowed by the stronger notes, only appearing as a fleeting whisper in the background. The revolutionary synthetic touch rounds off the fragrance, adding a touch of modernity to the overall scent.

Review of Deep Blue Sea

Zara's Deep Blue Sea, a men's fragrance launched in 2018, reminds us of a breezy seashore. An aquatic scent, it leans heavily on marine notes, harmoniously intertwined with touches of fresh, citrus, and spicy elements. This mixture creates a vibe that is light and invigorating, veering towards the refreshing side without becoming overly sweet or woody. Although you might expect a fragrance of this type to be a summer staple, we found it versatile enough for spring and even milder fall days. You'll find it suitable for casual and daily wear - a spritz after a workout or for a day at the office might just hit the spot. However, do be aware that its longevity and sillage are moderate at best, so reapplication may be necessary. Despite this, we believe that its affordability makes Deep Blue Sea a decent option for those seeking an everyday, easy-to-wear scent.

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