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Denim Couture Sport by Zara

Denim Couture Sport by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Denim Couture Sport

What Does Denim Couture Sport Smell Like

The scent of Denim Couture Sport by Zara is a stimulating blend, promoting an equal harmony of citrus, powdery, fruity, and fresh accents. You will notice the zesty and pulpy tones of lemon and tangerine at the forefront, creating a vigorous citrusy aroma. The fruity aspects of this perfume are not overpowering but deliver a sweetness to contrast the sharp citrus elements. A fresh accord clings to the perfume, offering you a sense of pure and unspoilt cleanliness. The powdery aspects of the scent, led by musky undertones, introduce a sense of comfort and warmth, softening the impact of the more energetic notes. The perfume manages to incorporate a hint of cedar, but its presence is quite muted, thus not oversaturating the overall scent profile. Despite its complexity, we believe that this perfume maintains a leveled composition, making it an appealing choice for the wearer.

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