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Dry Land by Zara

Dry Land by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Dry Land

What Does Dry Land Smell Like

The scent of Dry Land by Zara immediately greets you with a bright burst of citrus. As the citrusy zing subsides, you'll find it intertwining seamlessly with an undercurrent of warm, spicy tones, adding a welcome layer of complexity to the fragrance. Simultaneously, a vivid fruity note makes its appearance, imparting an unexpected twist and further enhancing the overall scent profile.

Allow the fragrance to settle, and you'll notice a solid backbone of woody notes, providing a robust, earthy backdrop to the perfume. As a contrast, there's also a splash of freshness that breathes life into the ensemble, preventing the fragrance from becoming too heavy or overpowering. Surprisingly, a synthetic note is also present, contributing a modern edge to this otherwise classic scent profile.

Dry Land by Zara is quite multifaceted. Despite the complex blend of citrus, spice, wood, fruit, and freshness, no single accord dominates, resulting in a well-rounded and versatile scent that you might find quite appealing.

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