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Extreme 8.0 by Zara

Extreme 8.0 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Extreme 8.0

What Does Extreme 8.0 Smell Like

The scent of Extreme 8.0 by Zara opens with a bracing jolt of fresh marine notes, immediately sparking a head-clearing sensation. This is swiftly underpinned by a sharp, stimulating punch of mint, which amplifies the immediate freshness. As you dive deeper, the spice emerges, mingling with hints of tangy bergamot, adding a zesty edge to the robust freshness. A synthetic twist lending an experimental edge envelopes this otherwise natural smelling experience.

Further layers reveal green, floral heart notes, showcasing geranium and violet's earthy nuances. Their natural sweetness is restrained and infused with slight powdery undertones, providing a unique, unconventional floral experience. The deep, sensual aroma of musk and the rich, earthy scent of patchouli starts to linger, creating a woody base that anchors the olfactive journey. As you acclimatize, the scent reveals a warm, comforting amber and a whiff of subtle fruitiness that guards against becoming overwhelmingly masculine. The overall olfactory experience is a stimulating, unconventional, and a sophisticated play of contrasts.

Review of Extreme 8.0

Zara's Extreme 8.0 is a men's fragrance that we believe leans towards a mature audience, but it has elements that can appeal to younger users. The scent is predominantly fresh and spicy, with synthetic, green, and floral undertones that create a complex and interesting aroma. Its marine notes and amber hints stand out most prominently, giving it a refreshing, yet warm character. The fragrance is ideal for spring or fall, but it can work just as well on a warm summer day.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Extreme 8.0 doesn't particularly stand out. You may find this fragrance fades quicker than some others, and it doesn't leave a strong trail behind you. But you will enjoy it while it lasts.

The fragrance is versatile enough to be worn for a day at work, a leisurely outing, or even a sporting event. It falls short for evening events or nights out because it may not project as strongly as you'd like in a crowded setting. Extreme 8.0 offers reasonable value, making it a decent choice if you're looking for an everyday fragrance that won't break the bank.

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