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Fields at Nightfall by Zara

Fields at Nightfall by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Fields at Nightfall

What Does Fields at Nightfall Smell Like

The scent of Fields at Nightfall by Zara immediately immerses you in a sweet, synthetic landscape. Upon the first contact, you are welcomed by the scent's predominant sweetness, followed by a synthetic undertone that gives it a distinct, modern edge. The creamy and floral elements intertwined within this perfume are subtle but tangible, offering a soft, feminine feel. A whisper of oriental and woody notes brings depth to the perfume, adding an element of mystery, while gourmand and fruity notes contribute a delectable twist. Accents of spice, powder, and animalistic notes are less discernible but add a surprising complexity to this fragrance. The dominant notes of jasmine and sandalwood are clearly identifiable and are rounded off by the lighter touch of hedione. Fields at Nightfall is a multifaceted perfume that offers an amalgamation of sweet, synthetic, and creamy accords entwined with floral, fruity, and other fascinating elements.

Review of Fields at Nightfall

Fields at Nightfall by Zara is a women's perfume primarily tailored for the mature audience. You'll find the scent is sweet and synthetic, with a creamy undertone that creates a comforting and inviting atmosphere. The dominance of floral and oriental notes, along with woody, gourmand, and fruity elements, lends a diverse character to this fragrance. It's evident that jasmine and sandalwood play a significant role in this perfume.

We believe this perfume is more suited for the colder months - fall, winter, and early spring - due to its warm and enveloping scent. It's a perfume you'd likely wear during leisure activities or as a daily perfume, and it will feel just right on an evening out or a night on the town.

Although the longevity of this perfume is somewhat satisfactory, its sillage may not be as pronounced. However, given its value, we think it's a reasonable trade-off. Despite the scent not being broadly appealing, if you enjoy fragrances that lean towards the sweet, synthetic, and creamy side, Fields at Nightfall by Zara might be worth exploring.

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