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First Sequence by Zara

First Sequence by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Marion Costero
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of First Sequence

What Does First Sequence Smell Like

The scent of First Sequence by Zara greets you with a distinctive synthetic undertone. You'll immediately notice a smooth blend of both sweet and citrus smells, forming a vibrant cocktail of sorts. As it continues to develop, a robust spicy kick emerges, followed by a notable woody depth. This creates an interplay of contrasting aromas that keeps the scent profile complex and layered. As you delve deeper, resinous and fruity elements pop out, lending an additional twist to the overall scent profile. A fresh whiff, possibly a result of the synthetic accord, becomes more apparent, creating an unexpected freshness amidst the other stronger fragrances. Even though no specific notes stand out, we believe the blend is well executed, resulting in an overall equilibrium of notes. There's also a hint of floral notes that lightly softens the overall aromatic profile, making the scent more versatile. Despite its complexity, we think First Sequence is tastefully constructed, making it a unique choice for men.

Review of First Sequence

Zara's First Sequence, launched in 2020, is a male fragrance that strikes a chord with a varied audience, from young adults to mature men. Its scent profile leans towards a mixed bouquet, with notable elements of citrus, spice, and sweetness, and a synthetic undertone that gives it a modern edge. The perfume's woody and resinous notes add depth, making it a good fit for cooler seasons like fall and spring, yet its fruity freshness lets it hold its own in summer too.

The fragrance is versatile, suitable for a range of occasions from daily use to business meetings, relaxed leisure times, or evening outings. However, its sillage might not be as potent as some may prefer. In terms of longevity, you can expect it to last a reasonable amount of time, though it might require a top-up during a long day or night.

Overall, we believe First Sequence by Zara is a fair contender in its price range, offering a decent blend of notes and good versatility. The quality may not be top-tier but it certainly delivers a satisfactory performance for its value.

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