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Fleuriste à Paris by Zara

Fleuriste à Paris by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Fleuriste à Paris

What Does Fleuriste à Paris Smell Like

The scent of Fleuriste à Paris by Zara strikes an even balance between freshness and florality. Upon first encounter, you are met with a citrusy freshness that is crisp and clear, reminiscent of a cool spring morning. The floral accord isn't overshadowed; instead, it merges seamlessly with the freshness. In our observations, the floral notes are derived predominantly from jasmine and peony. These flowers impart a delicate sweetness to the fragrance, countering the sharpness of the citrusy freshness. However, do not anticipate any discernible green notes in this scent. This composition is streamlined, focusing exclusively on fresh and floral elements, offering a straightforward and uncomplicated olfactory experience.

Review of Fleuriste à Paris

Fleuriste à Paris by Zara, released in 2017, is a women's perfume designed with a fresh and floral scent profile. Its targeted audience appears to be a balanced mix of young and mature women, reflecting its broad appeal. The enduring character of this perfume offers a suitable option for those seeking a scent to last them throughout the day.

The concoction of floral notes might invite you into a lush bouquet, resonating with the warmth of spring and summer. This quality makes it a suitable choice for these seasons, especially for daily, leisure or business settings. Its sillage, although not overwhelming, remains noticeable, allowing for a subtle scent trail.

In terms of value, while we cannot make quantitative comparisons, our understanding suggests that Fleuriste à Paris offers a reasonable balance between its features and price point.

In conclusion, if you're a woman seeking a fresh, floral fragrance for everyday wear during the warmer months, this perfume is a worthy consideration. Please note the fragrance's relatively moderate sillage and longevity, which may require reapplication for sustained impact.

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