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For Him Cedarwood by Zara

For Him Cedarwood by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of For Him Cedarwood

What Does For Him Cedarwood Smell Like

The scent of For Him Cedarwood by Zara is predominantly characterized by its creamy, woody, and spicy accords. Upon initial smell, you will notice the aromatic blend of cedarwood, imbuing the scent with a distinctive woody essence. This is closely followed by the zesty, sharp undertones of lemon and the warm hints of ginger. The presence of pink pepper adds a spicy and slightly tangy dimension, subtly balanced with the full, creamy impression of sandalwood. As the scent journey progresses, we find that the more subtle notes begin to unfold. The exoticism of cardamom, the resinous quality of frankincense, and the alluring undertone of musk lend the fragrance an oriental touch with a hint of sweetness. This is not a straightforward woodsy fragrance; instead, it's a complex blend where citrus, floral, gourmand, and smoky elements also play a role.

Review of For Him Cedarwood

For Him Cedarwood by Zara, released in 2016, is a men’s perfume that leans heavily towards spicy, woody, and creamy scent profiles. We found the fragrance most suitable for spring and summer, providing a warm, oriental touch that could complement your daily activities and business meetings. The scent, while not overly powerful, has a subtle presence that lingers. However, its longevity could be a point of concern as you might need to reapply throughout the day. The primary notes of cedarwood, ginger, and lemon are clearly discernible, adding a distinctive zest to its woody base. Unfortunately, the perfume doesn’t deliver much on the sillage front, meaning those around you may not notice your fragrance unless in close proximity. While not a standout in any particular category, For Him Cedarwood offers a decent value for those who prefer spicier, woodier scents and don't mind the occasional reapplication. Its aroma profiles may not be for everyone, but if you have a penchant for such scent types, you might find this Zara creation fitting well within your comfort zone.

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