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For Him Sport by Zara

For Him Sport by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of For Him Sport

What Does For Him Sport Smell Like

The scent of For Him Sport by Zara is an intriguing blend that first greets you with a distinct green freshness. The burst of green notes is quickly accompanied by the zesty twang of grapefruit, introducing a winning combination of freshness and citrus. An unexpected twist, however, is the noticeable hint of Calone, lending an unusual marine-like aroma to the top notes.

As the initial burst mellows down, you will find the heart of the perfume takes a floral turn. The scent of jasmine, with its rich, warm undertones, makes a surprising entrance, harmonizing well with the freshness of the green notes. Violet leaf adds an earthy touch to the heart of this fragrance, its green, slightly powdery aroma contrasting well with the sweet jasmine.

As the fragrance settles further, it reveals its base of musk and vetiver, adding a woody, earthy depth to the blend. You might also spot the subtle hint of amber, though it remains quite elusive throughout. The surprise element, however, is the lack of an obvious vanilla note, which is quite unusual considering its usual prominence in other men’s fragrances. This absence makes for a less sweet, more authentic natural fragrance, keeping the overall perfume fresh, green, and decidedly masculine.

Review of For Him Sport

For Him Sport by Zara, launched in 2019, is a fragrance that predominantly appeals to men, with its robust scent profile that leans heavily on green and fresh notes. This perfume captures the essence of the outdoors, resonating strongly with those who prefer a crisp, energizing scent. The top notes of green and the grapefruit give off a zesty punch, while the middle notes of jasmine and violet leaf add a subtle floral touch.

Suitable for spring and summer seasons, For Him Sport is an ideal daily wear for your active lifestyle. Whether you're heading to the gym or a casual get-together, this perfume's freshness will accompany you throughout the day. However, its staying power is a bit mediocre, and the scent may not be as pronounced after a few hours.

As for the scent type, it's predominantly green and fresh, with a slight hint of citrus, woody, earthen, and floral undertones. However, those expecting a pronounced sweetness or fruitiness might be a bit disappointed, as these aspects are rather faint in this perfume.

Overall, if you're looking for a fresh, outdoorsy aroma for daily use and don't mind occasional reapplication, then Zara's For Him Sport could be a good fit for you. However, those who prefer a stronger, long-lasting perfume might want to explore other options.

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