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Fresh Sandalwood by Zara

Fresh Sandalwood by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Fresh Sandalwood

What Does Fresh Sandalwood Smell Like

The scent of Fresh Sandalwood by Zara is a masculine concoction that teeters on the edge of woody and refreshing. A significant part of its aroma is drenched in the woody resonance of sandalwood, imparting a strong yet smooth character. You will notice this woodiness mellowed by a freshness that seems to elevate the scent, giving it a clean aspect. As you delve deeper, the presence of citrus is evident, adding a zesty, vibrant layer to the mix. Hints of spiciness can also be traced, lending an exciting edge to the entire blend. Underlying these distinct notes, there's a hint of vegetation, a green undertone that subtly bolsters the fresh element of the perfume. More interestingly, the creamy texture of the scent becomes apparent, adding an unexpected but pleasing rich depth. Lastly, a synthetic undertone subtly underscores the fragrance, slightly compromising its natural appeal but not deterring from its overall allure.

Review of Fresh Sandalwood

Fresh Sandalwood by Zara, released in 2019, is a men's fragrance that leans heavily towards woody and fresh scents. The standout note is sandalwood, an aromatic wood known for its warm and deep base, paired with the crisp note of bergamot and the subtle underlying musk. Our findings show that the scent is most favored among men, which might be because it tends to strike a balance between spirited freshness and grounding woodiness. You will find that despite its refreshing scent, it doesn't have the strongest sillage, meaning it may not leave a strong scent trail. On the bright side, it holds well in both spring and fall, making it versatile for different seasons. It's suitable for daily wear, leisure activities and business settings alike. The longevity of the perfume may not be its strongest suit, but it provides good value for its price point. Despite some shortcomings, if you're a fan of woody, fresh scents, Fresh Sandalwood by Zara could potentially be a good fit for you.

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