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Frosted Cream by Zara

Frosted Cream by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Frosted Cream

What Does Frosted Cream Smell Like

The scent of Frosted Cream by Zara greets you with an overwhelmingly sweet aroma, likely a result of the dominant vanilla note. The fragrance reveals itself with a distinct gourmand quality, a characteristic reminiscent of edible treats, which is then underscored by a creamy facet that gives an overall smoothness to the perfume. A subtle fruity undertone, most noticeable as a hint of strawberry, adds a freshness, though it doesn’t take center stage. The perfume also presents a synthetic character, a common trait in modern fragrances, which might not appeal to everyone. There's a fresh aspect to the scent, however, it's not particularly prominent. Floral and animal hints are present but are rather faint, making them barely detectable. All in all, we believe the scent can be characterized as unabashedly sweet and creamy, with gourmand and fruity undertones, and a touch of synthetic freshness.

Review of Frosted Cream

Frosted Cream by Zara is a women's fragrance, defined by its sweet and gourmand aroma, with a noticeable creamy undertone. Its scent profile suggests a preference for those who appreciate fragrances that are decidedly moreish and comforting, with vanilla and strawberry notes featuring prominently.

The scent leans more towards the sweeter side, perhaps making it a better fit for younger users, but it's by no means limited to them. We think it's a fragrance that can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of users with a penchant for sweet, creamy scents.

Frosted Cream's performance is adequate, not outstanding. Its longevity and sillage are on the fair-to-good side. While it might not leave a trail or last an entire day, you'll get a decent wear time.

It's a perfume designed for casual, everyday wear rather than special occasions or evening outings. The fragrance can be worn throughout the year, but it's slightly more suited to the warmer and transitional seasons—summer and fall.

In terms of value, Frosted Cream offers a reasonable proposition. However, some might find the synthetic notes a tad off-putting. Overall, it's a choice worth considering if you're looking for a sweet, gourmand, everyday scent.

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