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Frozen Pure Forest by Zara

Frozen Pure Forest by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Frozen Pure Forest

What Does Frozen Pure Forest Smell Like

The scent of Frozen Pure Forest by Zara greets you with a synthetic freshness, somewhat reminiscent of a crisp morning in an untouched forest. You will notice an initial spicy kick, likely due to the presence of pink pepper. This, however, quickly mellows down to reveal a layer of green freshness, presumably the influence of oakmoss. If you concentrate, you might also detect a subtly sweet undertone, which we believe comes from praliné, a surprising yet interesting addition to a men's perfume. As the fragrance develops further, there is a noticeable frutiness that adds an unexpected twist to the overall scent profile. On a more subtle note, there is a slight hint of lavender flowing through, adding a comforting freshness without dominating the other notes. Despite this multitude of layers, the scent doesn't feel overbearing, maintaining a clean and fresh profile throughout. Some might find the synthetic element overpowering. Though overall, we think it's a bold departure from the usual men's fragrance offerings.

Review of Frozen Pure Forest

Frozen Pure Forest by Zara is an evenly balanced unisex perfume, suitable for any season or occasion. It offers a blend of seven scent types we found to be evenly divided, making it neither overpowering nor too faint. This blend results in a green, fresh, and slightly sweet fragrance with a hint of spice and synthetic undertones. The praline note offers a unique sweetness, while the lavender brings a touch of calm and relaxation.

In terms of longevity, you'll find this perfume to be somewhat above average, meaning it should last through a full workday or a leisurely evening out. However, you might find yourself wanting to apply a bit more here and there to maintain the initial intensity of the fragrance.

Its value is a bit of a mixed bag, with a scent that may not quite live up to the expectations set by its longevity. While Frozen Pure Forest may not be every wearer's first choice, it can serve as a reliable, everyday scent for those seeking a versatile option.

In conclusion, Frozen Pure Forest by Zara is a decent choice for anyone seeking a unisex perfume for all seasons and occasions, but don't expect it to be a standout in any particular regard.

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