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Gaiac Wood by Zara

Gaiac Wood by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2011
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Gaiac Wood

What Does Gaiac Wood Smell Like

The scent of Gaiac Wood by Zara greets you with a distinctively spicy overlay, marked by the presence of black pepper, caraway, and cardamom. The initial spice-filled aroma gradually makes way for a subtly aromatic heart. In the heart, whisperings of clary sage, frankincense, and iris meld with the rich, leathery accent of labdanum. This intriguing mix forms the core of the perfume. As the scent further unravels, the true protagonist becomes apparent. Dominating the base, the woody signature of gaiac wood takes the center stage. The robustness of cedar, paired with the soft warmth of sandalwood, complements and augments the gaiac presence. Traces of vanilla lend a hint of sweetness, rounding off the overall woody nature of the perfume. It's clear that this is a scent with a markedly woodsy character, with the gaiac wood standing out prominently. Emphasizing the warm, earthy undertones, the perfume exhibits a slight sweetness, providing a pleasing counterbalance to the overall woody profile. Gaiac Wood by Zara is a straightforward, objective interpretation of woods, underpinned by a mélange of spicy and aromatic ingredients. It's a scent that portrays a distinct, clear profile, without meandering into needless complexity.

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