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Gourmand Addict by Zara

Gourmand Addict by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Gourmand Addict

What Does Gourmand Addict Smell Like

The scent of Gourmand Addict by Zara greets you with a noticeable fruity kick, primarily driven by a strong blackcurrant aroma. As this first impression settles, sweetness begins to unwrap itself, suggesting a dominant presence of juicy peaches, intertwined with the distinct blackcurrant scent. Suddenly, you are introduced to the perfume’s gourmand elements. This brings a creamy, almost edible nature to the perfume, which adds a delicious depth to the overall scent profile. However, Gourmand Addict does not stop there; spicy notes begin to peek through. While not overpowering, it provides an contrast to the sweeter components, adding an unexpected but welcome layer of complexity. Alongside the sweetness, a synthetic scent lightly permeates, mingling with subtle woody undertones and a hint of fresh, clean aroma. Among all this, a trace of patchouli quietly lingers, subtly grounding the entire scent composition. Overall, Gourmand Addict from Zara is a multi-faceted perfume, presenting an unexpectedly complex, yet compelling scent profile.

Review of Gourmand Addict

Gourmand Addict by Zara is a fragrance for women, with a distinct lean towards a more mature audiences. Its sweet and fruity scent profile, underscored by moderate gourmand and spicy notes, gives the perfume a warm, inviting nature. Hints of synthetic, woody, and fresh aspects add complexity and versatility to the scent, making it suitable not just for leisurely outings but also for daily wear and more formal occasions.

However, you may find that it lacks in longevity and sillage, meaning it may not last as long or project as far as you might like. Notably, the scent comes alive during the fall and spring seasons, but its versatility enables it to work well across all seasons. Despite its longevity and sillage shortcomings, this perfume offers good value for its price, making it a worthy contender for your collection.

The prominent notes of blackcurrant and peach, combined with a hint of patchouli, create an aroma that stands out in a crowd. Gourmand Addict is a fragrance that we believe offers a pleasant and provoking olfactory experience.

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