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Green Berry by Zara

Green Berry by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Green Berry

What Does Green Berry Smell Like

The scent of Green Berry by Zara greets you with a decidedly fruity essence, underscored by a freshness that invigorates the senses. Upon the first smell, you'll notice a strong, sweet aroma akin to fresh blackcurrants, though their presence isn't overly pronounced, creating a subtle, unobtrusive scent. Entwined within this fruity melody is the delicate scent of freesia, a floral touch that introduces a feminine charm without overpowering the initial fruitiness. As the fragrance evolves, a whiff of musk subtly permeates, adding a gentle warmth to the overall smell. This muskiness is not too intrusive, instead, it adds a layer of depth, anchoring the fresher, sweeter notes. Despite its simplicity, Green Berry demonstrates a compelling interplay between its fruity, fresh, and floral accords.

Review of Green Berry

Green Berry by Zara is a perfume crafted primarily for women, which exudes a balanced triad of fresh, fruity, and floral scents. The prominent notes, blackcurrant, freesia, and musk, blend seamlessly, offering a sensory delight. It's a perfume that subtly demands attention yet doesn't overpower, making it a pleasant pick for everyday use.

Designed for the young and the young at heart, this fragrance is well suited for various occasions, from daily chores to nightly outings. It stays true to you from morning coffee to evening cocktails, though its longevity could be improved slightly. The sillage, or scent trail, isn't overpowering but is noticeable enough to leave a lingering impression.

Its versatility across seasons is a plus. Whether it's the crisp air of winter, the warmth of spring, or the chilly breeze of fall, Green Berry blends in effortlessly. In terms of value, it's a safe bet for those seeking an everyday perfume with a youthful, fresh, and floral complexity. A few spritzes of Green Berry and you're set to make a memorable impression, regardless of the time, place, or occasion.

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