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Greenery by Zara

Greenery by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Greenery

What Does Greenery Smell Like

The scent of Greenery by Zara is a bright and energetic fusion, dominated by a strong citrus element. As you first smell the fragrance, you're greeted by a vibrant lemon zest tang, which quickly mingles with the refreshing, crisp undertones of blackcurrant. This opening is lively; giving way to a more layered experience as the fragrance settles. A gentle creamy nuance starts to reveal itself, adding a smooth, comforting edge to the citrus tartness. A subtle woodiness, courtesy of the Texas cedar note, begins to emerge, offering an earthy base that anchors the vibrant top notes. Along with green and animal accords, these bring a more grounded feel to the scent, yet remain discreet, ensuring the focus remains on the fresh citrus core. The overall olfactory profile of Greenery is a refreshing citrus-forward fragrance, complimented by a combination of fresh, fruity, creamy, and woody elements.

Review of Greenery

Greenery by Zara, released in 2019, is a predominantly citrus fragrance with a noticeable fresh undertone. It's designed for men, a scent that we believe will appeal primarily to those who appreciate a tangy lemon zest aroma, complemented by the subtly creamy and woody notes. Given its scent profile, it suits the warmer months of spring and summer best. However, it may not hold up as long as some other fragrances, particularly on busy days, as it has a somewhat moderate longevity.

The sillage is also moderate, making it an unobtrusive choice for day-to-day wear. It's a perfume you will find suitable for casual outings and sports activities, and can also be worn to less formal business meetings. On the value front, we think it's a fair deal for its affordably priced range, but its performance may not meet the expectations of some. Despite this, Greenery offers a fresh, citrusy experience that many men will get enjoyment from wearing on a regular basis.

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