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Black Tag Intense by Zara

Black Tag Intense by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Black Tag Intense

What Does Black Tag Intense Smell Like

On the first encounter with Black Tag Intense by Zara, you will immediately notice a robust woody scent underlying the overall composition. It's an intense, almost pronounced smell, which lends an air of masculinity to the perfume. As you delve further into the scent, you will detect a leathery accent. This element has a rich and deep feel to it, contrasting greatly with the initial woody note but creating a complex, layered experience.

The spicy notes then slowly reveal themselves in the perfume. The spiciness adds a lively, zesty edge to the composition, contrasting with and yet complementing the woody and leathery elements. Towards the end, you will find a hint of fruitiness which adds a refreshing layer to the perfume, cutting through the heavier accords and adding unexpected freshness.

The notes of apple, bergamot, lavender, patchouli, pink pepper, sage, tonka bean, vanilla, and vetiver are present but not prominent in the scent composition. We believe this blend adds a nuanced underpinning to the perfume, making it a well-rounded fragrance. In our opinion, the perfume's complexity lies in these subtle undertones and the harmonious blend of its four main accords. This expert blending results in a masculine, edgy, and memorable scent.

Review of Black Tag Intense

Zara's Black Tag Intense perfume is explicitly designed for men and hits the mark for those who prefer a fragrance that is equally woody, leathery, fruity, and spicy. It's a scent that we find to be relatively long-lasting, making it a reliable choice for a day at the office or leisure time in the spring season.

You may detect a playful fruity note, possibly apple, intertwined with the bold, earthy tones of patchouli and vetiver. Not to forget, the spicy cardamom and pink pepper that add a certain vitality to the scent. The addition of lavender offers a calming effect, which further adds depth and complexity to the perfume.

However, its sillage isn't as robust as some may prefer, which means its presence might not fill a room as effectively as other scents. But if you're after a subtle yet intense fragrance, Zara's Black Tag Intense could well be the scent you've been looking for. It offers fair value and is crafted with a versatile mix of notes to cater to a range of olfactory preferences.

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